Erica Savage’s Style Slump Smack Down!

Okay ladies, enough is enough! Its time for us to stop telling ourselves that we are in a fashion slump, that we have no style and are just frumpy and that looking after ourselves is too much effort!
Comparison is the thief of joy
One of the hardest things for women, especially in the digital age of make believe instagram perfection is to avoid the trap of comparing yourself to others. When we find ourselves wishing we looked like someone else we know we have reached the self-esteem danger zone so we need to learn how to fight back against the monster of comparison and learn to embrace ourselves and then start working toward appreciating the body and face we have.
Look in the mirror and instead of pointing out things you don’t like, say aloud the things you like about yourself. I’ll start…
I like my face and my chest slash neck area…there I said it! Today I am embracing my face and my pretty decent bust and my freckle dotted neck and rather than choose outfits to hide other parts I may not like, I am going to choose things that
A) I feel comfortable in and B) Are fun and flattering to my bust and neckline.

Why so serious? Fashion should be FUN!

Something I love to do is dress an outfit up with earrings! I find that framing my face with a bold pair of earrings gives me confidence and when I’m really feeling outrageous or a little bit sassy I might just wear a daring shoe like a bright red or neon yellow heel! It is amazing how something as simple as a funky shoe can make an entire outfit pop not to mention the confidence pop I get!
Life is short so I love picking outfits that make me smile, after all who likes a face without a smile. It’s important to be yourself in all you do, including how you dress.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

Who are you dressing for? If the answer is anything but yourself then lady, you need to decide today to dress for you! What reflects your personality? What makes you feel comfortable and confident? In the wise words of the late Coco Chanel,
‘Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.’
I have found this to be true, when I’ve tried to dress to please or impress others I have not been as confident as when I am just dressing for me and having fun with it. Your voice about your body and your style needs to be louder than the voice of anyone else. Something I like to remember is that true confidence is not based on whether people will like me or not but about the fact that I will be fine even if people don’t like me because the SAVAGE TRUTH is that I like me.
I like that I’m funny sometimes and I’m caring and gentle and sassy and that I have a lot to learn and that I have learnt a lot. I like that I’m wonderfully complex and cannot pretend to be okay if I’m not and most of all I like that I don’t need anyone else to tell me my worth because I know who I am. I am ERICA SAVAGE, HEAR ME ROAR!
What do you love about you? After all, the way we dress often reflects how we feel about ourselves so if you are struggling today maybe its time for you to love yourself, respect yourself, admire yourself, forgive yourself, accept yourself, nurture yourself and dress like you!
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xx Erica Savage for Kindred Souls xx

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  • Sarah Waldon.

    Wow, what an amazing story! So savage and so confident! I love it. You rock gurl ❤❤❤

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