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 Three Warriors, the organic tan brand currently shaking up the beauty industry by taking the ‘fake’ out of ‘fake tan’ and bringing ‘natural’ (i.e. plant-based) tanning agents back into bodies and shelves. 

Three Warriors is fast growing a cult following with Nourished Life founder Irene Falcone declaring "there is nothing like this on the market".

Skin health: Our formulation is nourishing with skin health the number one
priority. Three Warriors is safe to use while pregnant and breastfeeding.
Colour: Cool tone; TW is a violet based product. This will counteract any orange
undertones. The product is suitable for all skin tones.
Long-lasting: The tan will last for a week plus and fades evenly.
Application: Streak-free, easy to see with a high concentrate of bronzing
pigment. The product does not leave residue on the and is fast absorbing.
Scent: The subtle scent of lime and vanilla extract - no nasty tanning smells.

Three Warriors is proudly Australian made and certified by the Australian made
organisation. All our products are made in Australia.

Tasmania has the oldest growth rain forests, the purest water, and pristine
shores, enabling Three Warriors to create only the best formulation to nourish,
hydrate and glow. Our Tasmanian ingredients are ethically sourced from local
Tasmanian companies that are certified organic. Tasmanian owned, we strongly believe in supporting local and contributing to our home state economy.


Tasmanian Sand Scrub - 

Three Warriors Tasmanian Sand Scrub is designed to gently exfoliate the face
and body to remove dead skin build-up and reveal the smooth, soft skin
underneath. It leave you feeling like you have been to a day spa.

Use: Ideal as preparation for self-tanning products,

Key Ingredients: It contains pristine Tasmanian Beach Sand and Walnut Shell
Powder to smooth away dry and rough patches along with soothing Aloe Vera
and nourishing Coconut Oil.

Scent: A subtle scent of Lime and Vanilla.
Awards: 'Winner' best face and body exfoliant at the Organic Beauty Awards


Three Warriors Gradual Tan is a certified organic tanning cream formulated with
nutrient-rich, skin-loving ingredients leaving the body revitalised and boasting a
year-round glow.

Use: Gradual Tan is an ideal and safe way to gradually build your tan, it can be
used daily, alternative days or weekly depending on your desired colour.

Key Ingredients: Infused with Olive, Coconut and Avocado Oils to deeply
moisturise the skin while providing Vitamins A, D and E, it has a base of soothing
Aloe Vera to help lock in hydration and Chamomile Extract to aid in calming the
skin and reducing any inflammation.

Scent: Delicate Lime and Vanilla.

Awards: 'Winner' best natural body tanning at the Organic Beauty Awards 2020
and ‘Editors Choice’ at the Global Beauty Awards 2020


Three Warriors Face Tan Aqua Mist is an ultra-fine tanning mist that can be worn
under makeup and is formulated to give the face, neck and décolletage a
natural-looking tan.

Use: Ideal for any type of skin and created for daily use until your desired shade
is achieved. The Face Tan Mist develops in 3 hours.

Key Ingredients: Rich in minerals and electrolytes from pure Tasmanian Water,
it also contains Rose Oil, Aloe Vera and Tasmanian Olive Oil, which together help
to hydrate, soothe and soften the skin.
These natural and organic ingredients also provide high levels of antioxidants
and help to protect the skin from the damaging effects of UV rays.

Scent: A subtle scent of Myrtle and Jasmine.


Three Warriors Self-Tan Mousse is an easy-to-apply, quick-drying mousse that
is rapidly absorbed into the skin to deliver instant, natural-looking colour.

Use: Leave it on for an hour for a sun-kissed glow or for up to 5 hours to
achieve a deep-bronze tan that looks like you've just back from a holiday in the
sun. The tan will last for approximately a week and fade evenly.

Key Ingredients: Formulated to provide intense hydration and nourishment,
it contains Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Tasmanian Olive Oil and added Vitamin E to
nurture and protect the skin while helping to lock in moisture.

Scent: The combination of Lime Oil and Vanilla Fruit Extract leaves the skin
delicately scented.

Awards: ‘Editors Choice’ at the Global Beauty Awards 2020. 'Organic Beauty
Award" Australian Toxic Free Awards 2020


Three Warriors Eco-Friendly Tanning Mitt is not only a best friend to our fake tan
range but is by far one of the best tanning gloves you will ever find.

Use: Designed to work ‘hand in hand’ with the Three Warriors Self-Tan Mousse,

our tanning gloves seamlessly glide fake tan across the body, providing a streak-
free glow you can trust. The tanning mitt will keep your hands covered and

prevent tell-tale signs of tanning.

Product description: Made of eco-friendly materials, our velour tanning mitt is
double-sided and machine stitched allowing you to apply self tanning mousse
with one side then contour your body with the other side for a professional fake
tan every time!

Awards: 'Winner' Organic Beauty Awards 2020.

Celebrities such as Sonia Kruger, Ash Hart, Sam Frost, Roxy Jacenko, and Keira Rumble all crediting the brand to their girl next door golden glow.

Three Warriors is a 100 per cent Australian owned small business! Corbin founded the brand after becoming unwell and unable to find a high performing toxic-free tan. 

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