Hilarious Fashion Faux Pas and How to Avoid Them

Do you sometimes feel like you are a walking fashion disaster and shouldn’t waste your money on clothes because you will just wreck them? A specific question I know but I am one of those people, I seem to have a natural knack for ripping new clothes and don’t get me started on my supernatural ability to tear the crotch of most of my pants! I have had to start being very selective with my fabrics on account of my special ability to rip and tear most garments to shreds.

Power Dressing Fail

Recently I had an important business meeting with a new client to attend and I put on a nice pair of jeans, a navy and white striped tee and our KS emerald blazer, I completed the look with a nice black boot with a bit of a heel. I was going for part casual, part business dressy and felt like I’d nailed it.

Never underestimate the power of a blazer to boost your confidence in a business setting.

I had a great evening, I was on fire, the client and others were impressed, I rattled off numbers like rain man and was cool, calm and collected. Arriving home later that evening I felt like giving myself a pat on the back, I’d been so professional, even my usually wayward hair had stayed in place! 

I felt like a new woman destined for success, finally! My victory lap around the house was interrupted by my dear husbo who with furrowed brow asked me if those were the jeans I had worn to the meeting, well of course they were!

Oh no! He pointed to the back of my jeans and as I looked over my shoulder in the mirror I was aghast!

Rip it Real Good!

Holy ass chaps! My butt was poking out of a very large hole in the middle of my jeans! Oh bloody hell, how had they even torn there? Then, like a tsunami, my mind was flooded with memories of the evening, the countless times I’d bent over to pat Toby the dog! Damn it Toby, why’d you have to be so cute!

Having my ass out for my very important meeting was not what I’d planned and now I’d have to apologise to my client and her family, did I mention that my clients children were there…those poor kids are probably scarred for life.

It turns out that yes, my client and her entire family noticed the tear in the ass of my jeans and being kind folk had chosen to pretend they hadn’t noticed it.

We shared a good old laugh about it, I have had to build up a pretty high embarrassment threshold over the years as this is not actually the most embarrassing thing that has happened to me…that is a story for another day!

Let's be honest, we all love a scandalous celebrity nip slip and seem to have some kind of strange enjoyment when we see well put together celebrities experiencing a wardrobe malfunction. My guess is that seeing celebrities have normal everyday issues makes them more relatable to us, fortunately for us normies we don’t have our fashion fails splashed all over the internet…well before today I didn’t!

So what did I learn from the whole ass-gate experience? I learnt that you cannot take yourself too seriously, it helps to laugh at yourself once in a while and to see the funny side of life’s little faux pas, after all fashion is just what we wear not who we are. I also learnt that good quality denim is an important investment and that a routine butt check before leaving the house is now a necessity!

Share this with a Kindred Soul who needs a laugh today and remember to check yourself before you wreck yourself!