About Us

A little bit about us....

 We are multi-tasking, busy mums who met through our kids and it was friendship at first sight!! We clicked instantly and have been inseparable ever since, which is how we came together to set up Kindred Souls.

We are everyday, real women with curves and we want you to look and feel great no matter what your size.

We are passionate about providing beautiful, comfortable, affordable and flattering clothing for women of different shapes and sizes. 

It seems to be common practice when looking in clothing stores or online that the larger sizes are always the first to go or not available at all!! It has always amazed us why stores cannot provide more larger sizes or stock the same stylish clothes in anything above a size 14. These days that size is average and not particularly a large size by any means.

Kindred Souls is all about us choosing key flattering pieces for the 30+ woman who don't want to think too hard about what to wear. We want you to be able to open up your wardrobe, grab something beautiful, throw it on and be out the door confident that you look and feel fantastic.

You will see both of us (Kristy a size 10 & Tennelle a size 14/16) in our clothing on the website on a regular basis showing you how our clothes look on two different sized women's bodies. We are not 'models' by any means but we wanted you to see how these clothes look in real life on real women.

We would LOVE for you to share with us how you are rocking our pieces so please tag us in your outfits on Instagram or Facebook or shoot us an email. Go in the draw to win a $50 credit each month for tagging us. How good is that!!

We also support a fantastic charity called Support the Girls. This charity supports homeless and disadvantaged women from all cultures across Australia who are in desperate need of bras and personal hygiene products and toiletries.There is more info about Support The Girls on our dedicated page or you can click the link to their website to make a donation. 

Kristy & Tennelle xx