Kicking ass on our hopes and dreams...

I always dreamed as a child of growing up to be a fashion designer, I would spend hours drawing and designing my "range" and I remember looking into all the fashion design schools to choose which one I would go to (it was Whitehouse by the way!), so many hopes and dreams at such a young age...and as we all know things don't always turn out the way you plan! 

So here I am at 36 having worked in finance for the last 21 years, my dream of becoming a fashion designer went out the window when I left school early and had to get a job to support myself. Suddenly the whole fashion designer thing wasn't going to work, but I didn't forget that dream, and my love of fashion and no I didn't become the awesome hip cool designer I planned on being but I have got to create an awesome hip cool business with my bestie by my side, who by the way had a very similar dream as me and also spent hours of her childhood locked away creating designs for her "range" lol. (oh and by the way she still has these! Ive seen them and they are good!) 

My love of clothing is known to all that know me, they have seen my cupboards that are bursting at the seams and draws that cannot fit another thing in them (and thats with regular clean outs!) so it was only natural to start a clothing business selling the labels that I love, it was a dream I had always wanted to do but again didnt think it would happen until I met Kristy and she too was super keen to do this so we decided to do it together! 

We can totally kick ass on our hopes and dreams now and create an awesome business that people will come to love as much as us, because we do love what we are doing, we love choosing amazing pieces that make women feel good and we hope you love out stuff as much as we do. 

So heres to finally taking the step to living our dreams! 

I look forward to you reading about us and our life experiences and adventures in the future! 

Tennelle xx

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